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Building The Ultimate 29er Race Mountain Bike – Part 1

So with the upcoming 2012 race season fast approaching, it is time to start looking at bicycle parts selection and building up a new race bike, as my current bike is several years old and is a 26er. I have been riding and have done a few races on a 29er now, and it now […]


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Thai Boxing Redditch

For anyone wanting to learn muay thai boxing in Birmingham or Redditch there is only one real choice, while there are a few gyms in the area the best by a long way is Fight Club Muay thai. With the most prestigious coaching available this gym pulls no punches when it come to putting out […]

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Thai Boxing Redditch

Muay thai, although a Thai martial art, is similar or often identical to many other art forms practiced in several south-east Asian countries : Burmese bare knuckle boxing/ Lethwei in Myanmar; Pradal Serey in Combodia; Lao boxing in Laos & Tomoi in Malaysia. This may be partly explained by the below historical event. At around, […]

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